6 Reasons Why Promotional Products Work

  • Dec 5, 2022

Promotional products were among the first types of advertising ever employed. Back then, Promotional products were among the first types of advertising ever used. Back then, they worked wonders. But what effect can these little promotional items have on buyers today? Well, it's still a large one. According to studies, despite developments in TV and internet marketing, promotional items continue to be the most successful type of advertising. To help you understand better, we compiled a list of reasons why promotional products work so well.


What is a Promotional Product?

Before we get deeper into this subject, we first have to cover the basics: what exactly is a promotional product? 

Promotional items are complimentary objects imprinted with a company's name, logo, slogan, or other company messages. The most common promotional products are pens, t-shirts, calendars, and magnets, along with more practical things like tote bags, water bottles, notepads, custom travel mugs, umbrellas, and even promotional keychains. Anything, though, is a potential promotional item. As long as it has some form of branding, it can achieve its purpose. Not using promotional products of any kind is a big mistake. However, when picking your promotional item, it's important to keep the consumer in mind. 


#1: Brand Recognition

Any marketing campaign's goal is to persuade customers to purchase your goods or service. Brand awareness is one means of doing it. Every time they utilize your gift, they remember your brand. The average number of "touches" it takes for someone to receive your message is 22. They will definitely think of you the next time they require your product or service if they often use your promotional item.


#2: Brand Exposure

With a brochure, your audience is limited to those who get it. Using a promotional item may reach people you would not have otherwise met and increase brand awareness for your business. Every time someone uses or wears a product with your brand, your business and its message will be made visible to everyone they come into contact with. According to studies, compared to roughly half of individuals who just viewed an advertisement in a magazine, over ¾ of people can recall the advertiser on a promotional product they have used or received in the recent 12 months.

This is excellent news for you if you're trying to build a brand in real estate or any other industry. By giving our branded products, you can significantly increase your brand exposure!


#3: Low-Cost Marketing

As we already said, this type of marketing is very effective, but that's not even the best part. It's also pretty affordable. Most small companies can't afford to invest in massive advertising campaigns and tv ads, but they can afford promotional apparel and other products and get great results from it.

How is this possible? Well, the majority of companies who produce promotional printed goods have extremely cheap production costs. This implies that you will pay less the more you order. In the end, when you take in the effectiveness of these methods, that's a pretty good return on investment! 


#4: Customer Loyalty

Every company wants to develop a foundation of devoted customers. You need customers who will not only recall and recognize your brand but also turn to you for all of their needs associated with your line of work.

Every marketing expert spends the majority of his time cultivating a strong foundation of devoted clients. And, as every marketer is aware, promotional goods may instantly provide them with that. Of course, after that initial step, you have to make sure they also have a great experience with your company. If you work on your approach to customer care and customer service, you will have your clients coming back day after day.

However, before you start handing out pens and fans to everyone as your first step, remember that customers are more likely to stick with a business if they receive premium branded promotional goods. A first-time consumer will remember you as a high-quality company if you provide them with high-quality goods.


#5: Targeted Approach

When you start any marketing effort, your goal should be to target your audience. Of course, some general industries don't really have a target audience, but most specialized companies do. To find your target audience, think about your average customer and the kind of customer you want to attract. Then, you may specifically target customers and leads thanks to the ad's specialty goods' use, distinctiveness, and variety.

Trying to reach a person in the educational sector? Show them the range of lanyard options that are available. Want to talk to a professional in the medical industry? Present syringe-shaped USB drives. Every kind of business may choose from a variety of promotional products.


#6: Principle of Reciprocity

Finally, one of the most noteworthy benefits and the main reason why promotional products work is the principle of reciprocity. Usually, when you offer someone something, they will feel compelled to return the favor and give something in return. People want to help you because they believe you have done them a favor. Of course, as we already mentioned, the marketing materials you distribute should be beneficial, appealing, and pertinent if you want this reciprocity to be successful.

This reciprocity in consumer connections is created through promotional merchandise. Customers like promotional things given by businesses and advertising, and most of the time, they wish to do business with such companies. It's really as easy as that!


In Conclusion

Promotional products have been proven to work time and time again. By giving your potential customers or clients a promotional item, you establish a connection and trust. Then, you should close the sale and confirm that trust. At a basic level, all promotional products also help with brand awareness and exposure when products are something that can be used in public, in front of other people. Finally, one of the main reasons why promotional products work so well is that they're cheap compared to other advertising methods. If you want to attract someone, give them something for free and let the principle of reciprocity play out!



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